Five Innovative Retention Strategies to Reduce Turnover in Manufacturing

August 10th, 2023|Categories: Employee Retention|

As a manufacturing professional, you’re likely familiar with an all-too common challenge that persistently echoes from assembly lines to administrative offices: high employee turnover. This revolving door syndrome is far from a trivial inconvenience—it's a serious obstacle, often standing in the way of operational efficiency, financial health and long-term growth.   Why is this problem so significant? Turnover disrupts

LSI Staffing Named Among Forbes’ 2023 Best Temp Staffing Firms in America

July 18th, 2023|Categories: Press Release|

Wichita, KS 7/18/2023 – LSI Staffing, a leading provider of customized recruiting and staffing solutions, is honored to announce that it has been recognized by Forbes as one of the Best Temp Staffing Firms in America for 2023.  Forbes, in partnership with market research firm Statista, conducted a comprehensive survey that gathered responses from over 5,200 external recruiters,

Building a Safety-Conscious Workforce: Strategies for Ensuring Safety in Manufacturing

July 12th, 2023|Categories: Safety|

Safety is the vital thread that weaves together human ingenuity and mechanical precision into a thriving, productive, and morale-boosting environment. In this industry, fostering a culture of safety is an absolute necessity. The presence of heavy machinery, complex processes, and the potential for human error means a lapse in safety can lead to severe consequences, affecting both human

Industry 4.0 and Staffing: Preparing Your Workforce for Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Industrial Operations

June 19th, 2023|Categories: Industry 4.0|

Look out, world: The fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, is causing a seismic shift in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.   The convergence of digital and physical technologies—such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and advanced analytics—is creating a new operational reality. In this new landscape, factories are becoming smart, and the production processes are driven by interconnected

Rising Above the Manufacturing Labor Shortage: Forward-Thinking Solutions to Strengthen Your Workforce

May 9th, 2023|Categories: Manufacturing Labor Shortage|

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, then you’re well aware of the ticking time bomb that is the manufacturing skills gap.  The industry is grappling with an unprecedented labor shortage—a challenge that affects not only individual businesses but also the broader economy, with the threat of a staggering 2.1 million jobs going unfilled by 2030, potentially costing the

Three ways to effectively resolve conflict in the workplace

April 26th, 2023|Categories: Conflict Resolution, Employee Retention, Workplace Conflicts|

Conflict is everywhere and lately seems to be more intense than ever before. That means as much as employers may try to avoid it, conflict will inevitably find its way into the workplace. And if it does arise, you may need to incorporate practical conflict-resolution strategies to ensure your employees are working in an environment that is

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