Published On: March 28th, 2024Categories: Manufacturing Industry, Recruitment, Temporary/Seasonal Workers

Having skilled manufacturing staffing on hand only when necessary is a huge benefit of partnering with a temporary staffing agency—but don’t assume it’s the only advantage. From administrative efficiency to diversifying your talent pool, there are many advantages to temporary staffing structures.

Building a Talent Pipeline

Temp Staffing agencies develop valuable relationships with skilled employees. While some intend to remain temporary employees for the duration of their career, many do plan on securing permanent employment eventually. Staffing agencies use high-level screening skills, along with training and development, regular performance reviews, feedback loops, and career counseling to nurture today’s temp workers into tomorrow’s skilled candidates. When a temporary employee expresses interest in transitioning to permanent status, we gather feedback from past client placements, and capitalize on our strong industry networks to help find the right fit and convert them into a valuable permanent asset for your organization. Knowing both our candidates and our clients, and having a deep understanding of their capabilities, layered with our manufacturing staffing expertise, creates consistency in your workforce and reduces turnover for your company.

By establishing a clear pipeline process, partnering with a temp staffing agency can also reduce your training cost. You’ll leverage the knowledge candidates have gained from past placements that closely match your own organizational needs and expectations, decreasing the need for extensive training programs and long onboarding timelines.

Developing Administrative Efficiency

Anyone in organizational leadership knows that the administrative cost of managing employees is substantial. When you partner with a staffing agency, you offload all of that cost and effort—we are the formal employer for the candidates placed in your workforce, so we take on all responsibility for their pay, benefits, taxes and compliance, creating a significant savings for your organization. We also handle any technical and safety training—our protocols are broad and deep enough to ensure they cover any type of role candidates may be placed in, so they’ll have the highest assurance of strict safety standards. Allowing your temp staffing agency to manage the burden of developing comprehensive safety training plans generates cost savings in your bottom line.

Tailoring Custom Solutions

Temp staffing agencies place manufacturing staff across a broad array of companies and we see every kind of staffing challenge imaginable. This experience allows us to tailor creative, custom approaches to your employment needs. We can do this by performing initial and as-needed consultations with our clients, where we discuss business goals, industry, culture, and the specific skills and qualifications required for the desired positions. It is our job to understand the responsibilities, required skills, qualifications, and any specific industry knowledge necessary for success in the role. Based on this information, we can develop strategic recruitment and selection plans, which will also incorporate custom training, employment modalities, and feedback plans.

A major benefit of our wide candidate pool is that we can focus on increasing workplace diversity for your organization. Diversity and inclusivity have become a justifiable focal point for corporate responsibility, and it can be a challenge for some companies to develop a robust DEI support program. Staffing agencies can pay appropriate attention to those efforts and pass that benefit on to client companies.

Seeing is Believing

At LSI Staffing, we like to let the results speak for themselves. One of our clients found themselves consistently understaffed by 35+ personnel. In under a month we began staffing the facility, and within two months we had over 30 employees working on-site—decreasing turnover by 30%. All the while, our client was located next door to the largest employer in town who was offering competing wages. Through our hands-on, on-site engagement model we formed a valued partnership that continues today. Our client no longer needs their own recruiting methods with LSI on their team.

Would you benefit from a partnership?

While staffing flexibility is an obvious and clear benefit of working with a temp staffing agency, it’s far from the only way your company can benefit from our partnership. Planning ahead for high-quality permanent employees, streamlining your administrative backend, and increasing your valuable diversity and inclusion efforts are just a few of many others. Unlock your business’ full potential with LSI Staffing’s temp staffing solutions that go above and beyond! Partner with us today and witness the transformative impact on your manufacturing, warehouse, industrial, or material handling operations. Don’t wait – take the first step towards staffing success by reaching out now!