Published On: January 28th, 2023Categories: Workplace Mental Health

The last few years have been difficult for just about everyone. Even though our workplaces are getting closer to normal, more employees than ever before are reporting high levels of mental health struggles. In fact, a recent report shows a stunning 44% of respondents say they’re under increasing daily stresses.

Here are 3 top tips to support your staff’s mental wellness:

  1. Simply acknowledge that your company understands that it has been a historically difficult time for many staff. Employees need to know their workplace is a safe space that attaches no stigma to speaking up about stressors. Your team should feel comfortable taking the first steps toward treating their anxiety, depression, or other condition.
  2. Employers need to make sure they have, at the very least, compiled a list of resources in the community where employees who need help can turn. If your workplace offers a wellness program, all employees should know about it and how to use it. These programs are free to employees and can make an incredible impact.
  3. Lastly, stay committed to maintaining a healthy physical work environment because physical wellness goes hand-in-hand with mental wellness. Offer healthy snacks in the breakroom, and give time for staff to take a break outside for a quick walk or even to get a breath of fresh air. Also, you may encourage healthy after-hours activities, such as putting together a team for a local walk/run event.

In the end, if employers want to keep a healthy, happy, and productive workplace, they need to focus more on their workers’ mental health and wellness.

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