Wichita (Corporate Headquarters)

LSI Staffing – Wichita (Corporate Headquarters)

Welcome to LSI Staffing, your premier staffing partner headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. As a vital member of the LSI family of companies, alongside One:One and HirePrinciple, we take pride in delivering tailored recruiting and staffing solutions to businesses in Wichita and beyond.

Why Choose LSI Staffing in Wichita?

At LSI Staffing, we understand the unique dynamics of the Wichita job market. Our local team is dedicated to addressing the specific needs of businesses in this thriving community, providing flexible and effective solutions that adapt to your evolving workforce requirements.

Our Wichita Service Offerings:

  1. Temporary and Direct-Hire Staffing: Whether you need short-term support or a long-term addition to your team, LSI Staffing in Wichita excels in providing qualified candidates for temporary assignments or direct-hire positions.
  2. High-Volume Contingency Staffing: LSI Staffing in Wichita specializes in high-volume staffing solutions, ensuring that your business can scale up quickly and efficiently during peak times, without compromising on quality.
  3. Professional Placement: When it comes to executive and professional roles, trust LSI Staffing for precision in matching skills and culture fit. Our professional placement services in Wichita are designed to connect you with top-tier talent that elevates your organization.

Connect with LSI in Wichita Today:

Ready to explore how LSI Staffing in Wichita can transform your hiring process? Contact us today to discuss your staffing needs and discover the personalized solutions that set us apart.

Partner with LSI Staffing for customized recruiting and staffing solutions that drive your business forward.

Wichita (Corporate Headquarters)
250 N. Kansas Street
Wichita KS 67214
United States