About HirePrinciple

HirePrinciple is a professional search firm that was formed in 2008 and is a sister company of LSI Staffing. HirePrinciple solely focuses on direct hire professional placement searches with an emphasis on passive candidates. HirePrinciple was formed with the idea that the best candidate for your business isn’t looking for you, so we have to go looking for them. This is a search process dedicated to hiring the right individuals with the right skills, standards and growth dedicated to your business.


The HirePrinciple Commitment

  • Expertise: Each recruiter is an industry expert in their niche, understanding the unique market conditions that impact hiring.
  • Connections: HirePrinciple builds relationships with both active and passive talent, ensuring we make the best match, not just an available match.
  • Accuracy: We commit to finding your “needle in the haystack.” Every candidate is fully vetted to verify skills and experience.
  • Accessibility: Your recruitment team is available around the clock and commits to responsiveness and personal attention.
  • Integrity: We operate at the highest levels of ethics and integrity in all we do.

Whether you are hiring one impactful employee or building a high-performance team, HirePrinciple will identify, interview, screen and present candidates who are poised to hit the ground running and help your company achieve its strategic goals.

HirePrinciple Is Your Advantage

With a laser focus on accuracy and efficiency, HirePrinciple executive recruiters match clients with the skilled and aligned talent needed to build high-performance teams.

Put the Power of HirePrinciple Behind Your Next Search.